Flexible legal services for life's unexpected detours

Professional assistance where you need it most without the costly overheads of traditional retainer-based legal representation

Our Services Include:

F.L.A.T. Pack (Family Law Audit and Tactical report Package)

Start with P2’s signature package, to get on top of your legal issues with a personalized consultation and report.


Filing for divorce in BC can be complicated, even when your situation is simple. Let us handle the paperwork and detail.

Marriage (“Pre-nup”) & Cohabitation Agreements

Congratulations on taking a big step together! Get sensitive advice and help, to make a love-honouring agreement.

Separation Agreements

The best outcome in family separation is one that you craft yourself. Let us help you draft your best agreement.

Legal Coaching

To present your own best case in court or negotiations, often all you need is some guidance from an experienced lawyer.

Independent Legal Advice ("ILA")

We make it easy to get ILA. Book and pay for your appointment with my online scheduler.

How are unbundled legal services different from traditional retainer agreements?

When a lawyer handles your case, the “bundle” includes advising, and communicating for you, in court or to the other side. When you represent yourself, but hire a lawyer to help you with the above tasks, that’s “unbundling”.

Unbundled Services
  • Engage as needed
  • “Pay as you go”
  • More predictable pricing
  • No long-term commitment
Retainer Agreement
  • Engaged to plan and execute your litigation strategy
  • Large retainer up front for anticipated work
  • Cost of legal services depends on many uncontrollable factors
  • Robust lawyer-client relationship

Articles and Resources

Introducing Stephen ("Steph") Currie

Stephen Currie joins Platform 2 Legal as an Articling Student, after obtaining his Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School and his Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation.

What are some situations in which a consult with a Family Lawyer could be valuable to me?

These are just a few examples of when consulting a Family Lawyer could be valuable.

What is the difference between “unbundled” legal services and retainer-based traditional family legal services?

Read on to learn about what sets "unbundled" legal services apart from traditional retainer-based family legal services.